Monday, May 2, 2016

The Future Is Now For Corporate Event Marketing

Event marketing companies have a lot of means at their disposal for improving how their clients market themselves at events. Savvy event marketing companies are innovating new ways to use social media as well as video technology like green screens to get maximum exposure and brand recognition for their customers. They are creating Facebook events, using Twitter, connecting with the news media, and making use of streaming video.

The first way event marketing companies are creating excitement about their client's brands and products is through preshow buzz. Smart event marketing companies are also part PR firm and are skilled at reaching out to online media companies to make them aware that their client has something new and exciting to reveal at the event. This will ensure that bloggers and journalists stop by to see what all the hype is about. Another way event marketers create pre-show buzz is with teaser videos. Teaser videos are easy to disseminate online and are great for creating a feeling of excitement and suspense that will make people want to know more and this will lead them to seek more information at the event.

At the event itself event marketing companies can follow through by taking unique pictures with a green screen and instantly uploading them to both Facebook and Instagram. A unique experience like a green screen photo will have guests talking about the client's products or at the very least sharing their experience to their friends online. 

Video courtesy of event marketing company Aventus

Event marketing companies are also making good use of streaming video and testimonials. People are way more interested in events that are happening live so if the client has an existing social media following they will be far more likely to tune into what your company is doing when they see that you have video going live on the event floor. Furthermore, you can get testimonials from guests who are attending the event. These testimonials are great because they will instantly build credibility for the client. The live aspect of the testimonial from people in a real setting will bypass prospective customers natural suspicion of testimonials that come from having seen too many infomercials.

These are just a few of the new and exciting ways that event marketing companies are increasing exposure for their clients and if you connect with a forward thinking company you'll find that there are even more interesting social media and video marketing strategies they can use.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

How to Decorate Your Office for Halloween This Fall

Fall brings with it some of the funnest holidays, starting with Halloween, and with Halloween comes decorating. Many business owners like to decorate for Halloween, because it brings an air of fun and enthusiasm to the fall months. The best decorations for the office this fall bring together the colors and tastes of this spooky holiday season. Here are some ideas to get your office mates in the spirit!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

3 Easy Part Time Jobs

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Everyone could use some extra cash, but not everyone has time for demanding part-time jobs in addition to their full-time schedule. Looking for a part-time job with some flexibility? Here are some ideas to get you started:

Become a Tutor. Everyone has something to teach, and plenty of organizations need help with it. Tutoring has multiple benefits to it, you can set your own hours, work as little or as much as you need to, and you can even work from home. Many times tutoring can also double count as volunteer hours or community service. The average tutor can make about 16.56 per hour and the subjects that are most in demand are Physics, Algebra, and Health sciences. Tutors typically work after school hours or on the weekends so it’s a great part-time option. If you’re looking for a job with flexibility, consider tutoring.

Become a Notary. A notary public is a person who is authorized by state law to perform official services such as administering oaths, formal document signing, and certifying affidavits. The requirements vary by state, but typically you just need to be 18 to serve as one. A perk to this job is the flexibility, and someone always needs something notarized. Performing the duties of a notary is a useful addition to a person’s list of credentials as well since the position is formally recognized as a trusted service of the state. The average wage varies depending on if you’re individually contracted, self-employed, or what industry you serve, and you can only charge a maximum of 10 dollars for a notarization so it depends on how many documents you want to take on. But that’s another perk of the flexibility; you can do as much or as little as you want. To become a notary, you need to file a surety bond and take the oath of office at the county clerk’s office within the county of residence. From there, your state secretary of state will help you with the rest of the application process since each state has different requirements.

Childcare/PetCare/Housesitting. Whether it’s babysitting, helping at an after-school program, carpool services, and camp counselor, children always need to be taken care of. Asking your neighbors is a good place to start, even if they don’t need the help directly, they might know someone who does. People are also always looking for a dog walker, pet groomer, or pet sitter for when they’re away or even just at work. Housesitting additionally brings in some extra cash. This gig is especially helpful if you’re not going anywhere for holiday, that’s your chance to make your offer. Depending on how many duties are involved in watching the house and the area where you live or are house sitting, the typical range is anywhere between $20-$75 a day.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tips for Starting Your Own Business

You saw a need in the community, you came up with an idea and you are now determined to start your own business. With a firm idea in your mind of your new business, you need to keep in mind a few tips along the way to make sure your dream can become a reality. It is easy to get overwhelmed on this journey to owning a new start up company, but the reward is unparalleled in both accomplishment and potentially financial security. With some additional attention to basic tips, you can help reduce some of the uncertainty you’ll have as you begin on your journey and get off on the right foot. 

Friday, June 6, 2014

How To Stand Out At Trade Shows

Guest Post By: ModernLitho
Let's start with an all too familiar situation, you're setting up your company table at a trade show, you tape the generic company banner to the front of the table,  pull up a couple of chairs, put out a bowl of candy out and a trifold poster board with some basic company data on it. Then, the trade show  begins and all day you're sitting their wondering "We have such a great product, why isn't anyone stopping by our booth?". The answer? You're booth is boring! Trade shows are a chance to stretch your creativity muscles and put together a great booth that draws people in and makes them want to get to know you and your company. Check out my Top 5 Ways to Stand Out at Your Next Trade Show using wide format printing below.

        Pump Up Your Signage 
The first thing that you need to do at a trade show is to get patrons to notice your booth, the best way to do that? Wide Format Printing, which is signage on steroids. With wide format printing you can make your booth truly stand apart from the rest. Put your self in the shoes of those walking around, the show, which booth are you most likely to stop at? The basic booth with the trifold boards and stress balls or the booth with high quality vinyl signs and displays? I think we all know the answer to that one. Whether your limited to a table cover, or want to go all out with 3D displays and custom lighting, wide format printing gives you plenty of options that basic poster boards don't. Pro Tip: Include all your social media sites on your signage to encourage connection, make it easy with a simple QR Code.

                                                                                        Make Eye Popping Displays

Even the most basic and mundane data can be spruced up to make passerby's stop and take a look. Whether that's having a fully back-lit  display of your latest company doings,  or showcasing fully customized menus and product catalogs that don't put potential leads to sleep. How about those patrons who seem glued to their phone? Why not advertise with signage on the floor of the show room directed right at them! Now that's something your competitors won't have thought of.

         Go 3D With Displays

I mentioned this briefly above but it's worth noting again. With wide format printing you can create awesome 3D Displays that are sure to stand out. Hang 3D Displays from the ceiling showcasing a company logo, fast fact or hash-tag for the show, or even just use them to display your products in a brand new way. 3D Displays create a better and more long lasting impact that shows you think outside the box.

                                                                           Ride in Style

You can even make an impression on attendees before they even walk in the door! Use wide format printing to wrap a company vehicle and have it parked right near the entrance, in general the K.I.S.S. rule applies to your design so keep it simple and to the point, list some services, showcase your logo, use a QR code that people can scan with company info, a potential discount, or chance to be entered in a giveaway if they stop by your booth. Using wide format printing for vehicle wrapping gives you great brand recognition right off the bat, and if you use it in tandem with some of my other tactics you'll see a much better conversion rate at your next trade show.

The main idea behind using all of this signage in all these different ways  is to excel in every area, even the small ones that your competitors are not  that will make trade show patrons and potential leads remember you over anyone else.

What do you do to make your company or business stand out at trade shows? Let me know!

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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Creative Ways to Bid Farewell to a Co-Worker

If it’s a lazy, uncooperative co-worker, you might just yell, “Good riddance!” and let the person walk out of the building without any sense of loss. But there exist some co-workers whom you have spent a lot of time with through the ups and downs, and so making their last day an extremely memorable one is a must. If a giant farewell card is not enough, you can add a little more twist to the occasion to make the other person feel grand.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

All About Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mailWhen it comes to marketing for your start-up business, direct mail is a traditional but still successful way of attracting the attention of customers. Using a personalized touch, direct mail is personally addressed to the customer and delivered by post. Contrary to emails, direct mail does not compete with other messages in the recipient’s inbox nor sent to the spam folder.

Benefits of Direct Mail as a Marketing Tool

  1. Targeted. Other forms of mass adverting, such as TV, radio, newspaper, etc., can be expensive for a start-up business. Direct mail lets you focus on a smaller, more focused target who is more likely to respond to your advertisement.
  2. Personal. You can talk to the customers by name and persuade them of your product or service better when you can show that you understand their needs. Done the right way, you can make a personal connection with the customer using emotional copy drivers effectively. These seven copy drivers are further explained in this article, “Use Direct Mail to Generate the Emotional Response”.
  3. Flexible. Mail can come in different forms, such as postcards, brochures, letters, and other affordable and easy formats. You can also provide a free sample or special offer in the envelope to increase the impact of your campaign.
  4. Tangible. The customer can physically touch your message, which can make a memorable impression, especially if you add some interesting elements like stickers, coupons, and samples.
  5. Measurable. You can count the inquiries you received or count the coupons redeemed. When you track and analyze the results, you can see which part of the campaign is working and which needs adjustments.
  6. Affordable. As long as you have the know-how in computer design or word processing software, you should be able to create your own mailpiece without the help of an expensive marketing company.

How to Prepare a Mailing List

Much more ideal than a rented mailing list is having your own list of ‘warm’ prospects to achieve better response and conversion rates.
  1. Work with what you have. Start your list based on your existing customers, prospects, and names in your sales inquiry records. To look for prospects, get help from your own customers and suppliers who may be able to give you new contacts.
  2. Do your own research. Find other possible outlets for your products using web searches. Online directories and trade publications are also possible rich sources of prospects. Visit your town council and ask for a list of individuals in the area.
  3. Try cross-selling. You can join forces with another company selling a different but related product to yours. For example, you sell shirts and the other company sells ties. Mailing your campaign together can halve the mailing costs. You can also try swapping customer lists but make sure that the customers have given their consent first.

More Help

Being new to the direct mail business can be overwhelming, but there are organizations to help you figure it out. An important name to remember is the U.S. Direct Marketing Association (, 212-768-7277), the world’s leading independent organization for data-driven marketers. They will be happy to answer your questions and provide you more sources of specialized information if needed.