Friday, June 6, 2014

How To Stand Out At Trade Shows

Guest Post By: ModernLitho
Let's start with an all too familiar situation, you're setting up your company table at a trade show, you tape the generic company banner to the front of the table,  pull up a couple of chairs, put out a bowl of candy out and a trifold poster board with some basic company data on it. Then, the trade show  begins and all day you're sitting their wondering "We have such a great product, why isn't anyone stopping by our booth?". The answer? You're booth is boring! Trade shows are a chance to stretch your creativity muscles and put together a great booth that draws people in and makes them want to get to know you and your company. Check out my Top 5 Ways to Stand Out at Your Next Trade Show using wide format printing below.

        Pump Up Your Signage 
The first thing that you need to do at a trade show is to get patrons to notice your booth, the best way to do that? Wide Format Printing, which is signage on steroids. With wide format printing you can make your booth truly stand apart from the rest. Put your self in the shoes of those walking around, the show, which booth are you most likely to stop at? The basic booth with the trifold boards and stress balls or the booth with high quality vinyl signs and displays? I think we all know the answer to that one. Whether your limited to a table cover, or want to go all out with 3D displays and custom lighting, wide format printing gives you plenty of options that basic poster boards don't. Pro Tip: Include all your social media sites on your signage to encourage connection, make it easy with a simple QR Code.

                                                                                        Make Eye Popping Displays

Even the most basic and mundane data can be spruced up to make passerby's stop and take a look. Whether that's having a fully back-lit  display of your latest company doings,  or showcasing fully customized menus and product catalogs that don't put potential leads to sleep. How about those patrons who seem glued to their phone? Why not advertise with signage on the floor of the show room directed right at them! Now that's something your competitors won't have thought of.

         Go 3D With Displays

I mentioned this briefly above but it's worth noting again. With wide format printing you can create awesome 3D Displays that are sure to stand out. Hang 3D Displays from the ceiling showcasing a company logo, fast fact or hash-tag for the show, or even just use them to display your products in a brand new way. 3D Displays create a better and more long lasting impact that shows you think outside the box.

                                                                           Ride in Style

You can even make an impression on attendees before they even walk in the door! Use wide format printing to wrap a company vehicle and have it parked right near the entrance, in general the K.I.S.S. rule applies to your design so keep it simple and to the point, list some services, showcase your logo, use a QR code that people can scan with company info, a potential discount, or chance to be entered in a giveaway if they stop by your booth. Using wide format printing for vehicle wrapping gives you great brand recognition right off the bat, and if you use it in tandem with some of my other tactics you'll see a much better conversion rate at your next trade show.

The main idea behind using all of this signage in all these different ways  is to excel in every area, even the small ones that your competitors are not  that will make trade show patrons and potential leads remember you over anyone else.

What do you do to make your company or business stand out at trade shows? Let me know!

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