Thursday, October 22, 2015

How to Decorate Your Office for Halloween This Fall

Fall brings with it some of the funnest holidays, starting with Halloween, and with Halloween comes decorating. Many business owners like to decorate for Halloween, because it brings an air of fun and enthusiasm to the fall months. The best decorations for the office this fall bring together the colors and tastes of this spooky holiday season. Here are some ideas to get your office mates in the spirit!

Desktop Goodies

Halloween candy not only tastes addicting and delicious, it's an inexpensive way to decorate your desktop. On your next trip to the local dollar store or five and dime, grab a large glass candle holder, some bulk candy, and a candle. Place the candle in its center and then fill the sides with items such as candy corns, chocolate kisses with Halloween wrappers, and other seasonal items. Sprinkle a little shiny confetti around the base of the vase to create a simple display.

The Office Pumpkin Contest

Certain images represent the iconography of Halloween; things like ghosts, Frankenstein replicas, and of course, pumpkins. However, the traditional carved pumpkin wouldn't work in most office settings. Painted pumpkins provide a cute solution to this dilemma as well as a means to build office spirit. To do this, hold a pumpkin-painting contest in the office. Encourage people to buy pumpkins and paint them with an enamel paint. A few pumpkin stencils make the painting part fun and much easier. Once the pumpkins are done, display them around the office and offer a gift certificate or other reward for the best pumpkin.

The Front Porch

In many historic districts around the country, old homes get converted to office space. For people who love the beauty and tradition of old architecture this definitely counts as a plus. It allows people to tap into some old-fashioned-country roots by decorating their office front porches. Traditionally, this type of decorating includes items such as hay bales, corn husks, stuffed scarecrows, and pumpkins. For an edgier look include witch's hats, skeletons, or ghosts if your office environment fits that motif.

The Lighted Path

A candle or lantern-lit path is one of the simplest ways to add a soft glow to a business's front walkway. But you can give this idea a Halloween twist with a little paint, sand, and lanterns. To do this, buy enough lanterns to line the path to your business's front door. The lanterns should stand about two feet apart, so if your path is eight feet, you'll need four lanterns plus the supplies to decorate them. Paint a pumpkin face on the front of each one and fill it with sand and candles. Place the completed lanterns along the path up to the front door of your office. A display like this adds a nice touch if you're doing a fall open house for clients or hosting trick-or-treaters as part of an office block party.

About the Author: Maureen is a guest contributor from Corporate Office Interiors, a Lansing based business supplying the greater Lansing, Detroit, and Kalamazoo with new and refurbished furniture since 2008. 

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