Monday, May 2, 2016

The Future Is Now For Corporate Event Marketing

Event marketing companies have a lot of means at their disposal for improving how their clients market themselves at events. Savvy event marketing companies are innovating new ways to use social media as well as video technology like green screens to get maximum exposure and brand recognition for their customers. They are creating Facebook events, using Twitter, connecting with the news media, and making use of streaming video.

The first way event marketing companies are creating excitement about their client's brands and products is through preshow buzz. Smart event marketing companies are also part PR firm and are skilled at reaching out to online media companies to make them aware that their client has something new and exciting to reveal at the event. This will ensure that bloggers and journalists stop by to see what all the hype is about. Another way event marketers create pre-show buzz is with teaser videos. Teaser videos are easy to disseminate online and are great for creating a feeling of excitement and suspense that will make people want to know more and this will lead them to seek more information at the event.

At the event itself event marketing companies can follow through by taking unique pictures with a green screen and instantly uploading them to both Facebook and Instagram. A unique experience like a green screen photo will have guests talking about the client's products or at the very least sharing their experience to their friends online. 

Video courtesy of event marketing company Aventus

Event marketing companies are also making good use of streaming video and testimonials. People are way more interested in events that are happening live so if the client has an existing social media following they will be far more likely to tune into what your company is doing when they see that you have video going live on the event floor. Furthermore, you can get testimonials from guests who are attending the event. These testimonials are great because they will instantly build credibility for the client. The live aspect of the testimonial from people in a real setting will bypass prospective customers natural suspicion of testimonials that come from having seen too many infomercials.

These are just a few of the new and exciting ways that event marketing companies are increasing exposure for their clients and if you connect with a forward thinking company you'll find that there are even more interesting social media and video marketing strategies they can use.

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